OVERWHELMING with fantastic views!

Many people think that rock climbing is as easy as depicted in Mission Impossible II, the movie, where Tom Cruise effortlessly climbed one of the highest rocks in scenic Dead Horse Point, Utah. In real life, rock climbing is one of the most physically challenging sports in the world. Many have tried, but only few had the proper skill to continue climbing and conquer the summit.


4 Crags graded from 5b (for beginners) to 7b (for advanced climbers), continually enhanced with new routes.
Climbing crag Metalia in Sifnos

Because classic is worthwhile

15 routes graded from 5c to 7a. Most routes are over 20 metres. Climbing styles vary here, from vertical faces or positive angle slabs with cracks, small boulders and handholds to slight negative angles and colonnades.

Climbing crag Nymfeo in Sifnos

It’s breath-taking!

28 routes, 5b - 7b, mostly on slabs with handholds, small boulders and hidden pinches. Fantastic view, great variety in routes and optional rope swings.

Climbing crag Baroutapothiki in Sifnos

The challenge

13 routes, 5c - 6c, 15-20 m in altitude. Offering climbing on slabs with boulders, small boulders and small ramps. Of particular climbing style, with long moves requiring fine balance.

Climbing crag Mavri Spilia in Sifnos

For beginners and experienced climbers

It features routes that are ideal for beginner climbers, who wish to take up climbing, as well as for advanced climbers, requiring intense and very technical moves at small handholds and negative angle passages.

Antonis Tsesmetzoglou
ANTONIS TSESMETZOGLOU I found myself on the island in March of 2019, in order to secure and clear climbing routes across select crags. Sifnos is a beautiful island with lovely and friendly locals, who embraced us from day one. Hospitable and willing, they made our task easier. The crags are located so close to the port that make it possible for anyone to get there even without transportation. The routes vary in difficulty and altitude (from easy to medium hard), which makes them ideal for beginners and climbing schools. In the summertime, the crags lie in the shade almost all day long, making it easy to combine island holidays with climbing. I feel incredibly lucky and glad to have been on Sifnos and collaborate with its people and local authorities.