All climbing routes on Sifnos are sport climbing

By Sifnos routes, climbers push on without worrying about safety. The route features safety measure, fairly regularly, and climbers secure themselves by applying their sets. At the end of the route there is a belay device to secure descent.

Sifnos climbing

Sifnos does not feature any climbing equipment rental business.

Climbers must see to carry their own equipment, consisting of a 70m rope (some routes require shorter ones), 10-16 sets, shoes, helmet and baudrier. Routes already feature installed belays and carabiners.

Climbing routes grading (those available on Sifnos are in bold)
French UIAA YDS GB AUS Skill
 1 I  5 3a     Novice ↓
 2  II  5.1/5.2 3b   11  
 3  III  5.3/5.4 3c   12  
4a  IV  5.5 4a VD 13 Beginner ↓
4b IV+ 5.6 4b S 14  
4c V 5.7 4c HS 15  
5a V+ 5.8   HVS 16  
5b VI- 5.9 5a   17  Intermediate ↓
5c VI 5.10a   E1 18  
6a VI+ 5.10b 5b   19  
6a+ VII- 5.10c   E2 20  
6b VII 5.10d 5c   21  
6b+ VII+ 5.11a   E3 22 Advanced  ↓
6c VIII- 5.11b     23  
6c+ VIII 5.11c 6a E4 24  
7a VIII+ 5.11d     25  
7a+ IX- 5.12a   E5 26  
7b IX-
/ IX
5.12b 6b     Expert  ↓
7b+ IX 5.12c   E6 27  
7c IX
/ IX+
5.12d 6c   28  
7c+ IX+ 5.13a   E7 29  
8a IX+
/ X-
5.13b       Super Expert ↓
8a+ X- 5.13c 7a   30  
8b X 5.13d   E8 31  
8b+ X+ 5.14a     32  Elite ↓
8c X+/XI- 5.14b 7b   33  
8c+ XI- 5.14c   E9  34  
9a XI 5.14d 7c    34 Super  Elite ↓
9a+ XI+ 5.15a     36  
9b XII- 5.15b     37  
9b+ XII 5.15c     38  
9c XII+ 5.15d     39 Adam Ondra!